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Your Earnings


We can help you earn more...

If you are currently working as either a temporary or a contract worker we can maximise your income.

  • Incorporated in 1997, our business is being young, dynamic and growing fast
  • We are owned and managed by qualified Chartered Accountants
  • Our core business is financial structuring to professional temporary and contract workers.
  • We have offices in London, Surrey and Sussex

How do we help you earn more?

If you are working as a temporary or a contract worker, you are currently paying National Insurance and PAYE on your earnings. Over and above the NI you are paying, your agency is also paying a NI contribution equalling to 10% of your salary. So there are two NI contributions - the NI deducted from your salary and the NI your Agency is paying.

Under the TaxMax structure, you will contract out to your agency through a Limited Company. You will be remunerated via a dividend and a salary. The salary is below the NI threshold so no NI is payable. The corporation tax rate is below the personal rate. That's, basically, how you end up with more money.

Our services are 100% legal. We are dealing with large agencies, the Inland Revenue, the Companies House and banks. We are committed to keeping everything 100% legal.

We are here to help you earn more.
To maximise your income, contact us now.

Taxmax Head Office
Spirit House, 8 High Street, West Molesey, Surrey KT8 2NA
Phone number: 020 8941 2187 * Fax number: 020 8783 0554

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